My Blog. :)

Hey Guy’s! (well, girls too!) This is my new blog. I will talk about pretty much anything from school, to my friends & family, to my secrets. I love to help, so if you feel like you need to talk, let me know! If your woundering about my username, it’s a hunter hayes song, and 7 is his favorite number. ❤ My real name will stay hidden, unless I trust you enough to tell. But for right now, you can call me B.

I’m looking for a quote. A quote that is meaningful, one that will be my signeture of my blog, so not to long. I would love if you could help me find one!

Until next time,




3 thoughts on “My Blog. :)

  1. you never know when life hits you..until then cruise along….

    i have a lot of quotes i like to come up with new ones..i would be glad to help you find you one B 🙂

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